If you’d like to work for Boston Babes, then be sure to send us your application. We require that you include information such as your age, bust size, height, body type, hair color, eye color, and also your preferred working hours. If we decide to work with you, we may also request other personal information.

We deeply care about client satisfaction and we cannot afford to fail our clients in any way. Having great social skills, excellent hygiene, and an attractive body are some of the conditions you need to meet to be eligible to work for us. You also need to be sensual, a good listener, and a great travel companion.

** Please note by filling out the application form below you agree that the payout is 50% of booking fees. Please wikipedia escort agency and you will see that this payout is in line with the rest of the industry. It goes towards having your profile listed on our site, bookings, advertising, screening and safety. Please zero pushback to the owner or operator about the payout after the fact.

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